About Us

Sadiatec Limited a rapidly growing Internet Service provider (ISP), Sadiatec Phone, Data Connectivity Service, Web Development, Software Development And Hosting Service. The company is formed with the best technological advances and equipment to provide some services in this country which has never been introduced before and it is to be built for the data-intensive era of communications. The utmost target of the company is to be the friendliest ISP around the country to it’s customers. Some highlights of the company are presented below:

Company Highlights:

Sadiatec ltd. Strategy is to capitalize on the industry's fastest growing segment: Phone/Internet services. It has a unique set of attributes to pursue this strategy, including:

  • Low-cost fast Internet access.
  • Low Cost Communication.
  • Use of the state of the art technological equipments and servers makes sadiatec the strongest among the others, we provide Internet Faxing Service at a low cost.
  • Use of CISCO 3845 VXR router as the gateway to the Internet makes Sadiatec.net more acute to Internet technology and makes the link to the Internet reliable.